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I am Jeff Thornton, and I’ve been investing with Four Peaks Capital Partners for about three years now, and we have a total of about a little over $2 million in investments with them. It’s like clockwork. First thing I look for is people. Right people, right team. When I first met  you guys what five years, six years, five years now, and I’m a long term due diligence guy. So, after two years of hanging out with [Andrew] and Mike. Watching you build your team. I felt comfortable, and decided to make our first investment.  

I don’t know that I had a lot of skeptical stuff, like I said.  I’m really, it’s about the people and the team that is being built for me.  You guys built such an incredibly strong team that I always felt comfortable investing with you. Taking my investors and investing with you. It’s always made me feel really good. If there’s anything skeptical all it would be. 

“Are you gonna grow too fast?” So far it’s worked, so you know after three years since I first invested with you guys and everything worked like it was supposed to.  

I’ve been very happy.  My investors are happy.  Everything’s gone very well. I think it’s up to everybody to make their own decision on, as far as making the investment and ultimately they’ve got to make their own decision.  But I have been paid like clockwork. Payments have never been missed, never been slow, everything is showing up just on time. 

But I have been paid like clockwork payments never been this never been slow, everything is showing up just on time. 

Again, I think it comes back to the team. 

The entire team you guys have built, and the people. Without having  good honest people here. That’s a bad risk. That’s a high risk, so I just have always felt comfortable with that.  

Jeff Thornton

My name is Danny Kalenov. I’m the Chief Investment Officer of the Diversus Fund. We’re a globally focused Real Estate Investment Fund, and we have invested on two separate occasions with Four Peaks Partners. 

Just wanted to give a couple thoughts, I’ll keep this brief. Initially, we were skeptical I think for two main reasons one is the relative short track record of Four Peaks at the time of our initial investment. Although we had a lot of faith in the principles and their individual experience, collectively in terms of managing the parks in a portfolio style fashion. We were unsure about the track record and the performance thereof. And more importantly, the second reason is that we’ve had suboptimal experience in the past where we invested in another group that was the main operator of one of the deals and got burned a little bit on that one and so we were coming off of that experience, which made us a tiny bit gun-shy. 

In the end, ultimately, we ended up, placing a significant chunk of capital with Four Peaks for one primary reason, and that’s the people involved. The two principles, Mike and Andrew, are really, you know, kind of where the buck stops. And at the end of the day is the people that you’re investing in. It’s the sanctity of their word that they will do something, the honesty that they project, and their overall capacity to make the decisions in times of plenty and also in times of trouble. And having known Andrew and Mike personally for the better part of six/seven years. We thought that they were going to be very sound stewards and custodians of our capital, and ultimately we made the investment in them. Obviously, the mobile home park space is poised for potential tremendous growth, certainly stability in this new post-COVID era, and we feel very confident about the space, and based on the performance this far, we feel increasingly confident and comfortable with our decision to invest. So, hope that helps and happy investing. 

Danny Kalenov

I am Jeff Wimmer. I like the whole strategy and the particular asset class that Four Peaks was targeting. I was knowledgeable about the founders’ track record. And like having the right team in place, including themselves. And I just thought that as the world evolves, that this was a very up and coming asset class, and especially with the kind of turbulence we’re going through these days. I don’t know that I was skeptical about much of anything other than just being able to find enough of the types of facilities or the particular assets, that we were looking to invest in. Well, I’d say that I think that there is very little downside, that the people that are running it know what they’re doing and have the right team in place.  I did my own research and I know that the affordable housing segment you’re focusing on, when properly managed, is the most profitable kind of real estate that one can go after. I think that you have systems down and knowing that you have systems in place and you can just then recreate those systems in another place, in another place, in another place, gives me a great deal of confidence in the concept.

Jeff Wimmer

Hello! I’m Mark Kenney, I live in Dallas, Texas.  Andrew was recommended by a good friend of mine, and whenever we’re making investment, one of the first top priority I have is, I want to invest with somebody I trust, and the older I get, I also want to invest with people I like. It used to not really be as important, but it is now.  Andrew is a great guy. But at the end of the day I was looking for alternative investments. I love real estate because it’s tangible – you can touch it. I love the mobile home space because people always need places to live and it’s affordable, and they performed really well. So, I really like the whole idea as far as the whole team that Andrew has put together, their communication is phenomenal. You never have to guess what’s going on there. They’re there for you and they’re gonna communicate out to you what’s going on in the properties. I was nervous initially when COVID first hit and some of the news reports and things like that but we have found so far. It’s gone really well. Collections have been strong, traffic has been strong, people are still moving. A little surprising probably to me and some other people, but at the end of the day, I’m very happy I’m in real estate because it’s performed extremely well and you don’t have all the volatility that you’re going to have in the stock market. First and foremost, always look at the team. It’s not just their, their capability, but also integrity, character, those are, you know, more important frankly than some of the other things. You can have a great investment with someone that  doesn’t have character and you’re gonna have issues. 

And then secondarily, and your team aside, which is great there again the communication is awesome but it’s also the asset what you’re looking at. I’ve always loved mobile home parks, as you mentioned, we do a lot of apartments, but I also like to diversify. I don’t want to be in one thing. And the idea of having me invest passively, when I don’t know mobile home parks, as well as I do, multifamily. I have somebody, that expert there, that I trust,  has performed really well, and I can rely on them to get me great returns.   

Mark Kenney

HI my name is Eric, and I’m out of California. I invested with Andrew and his team years ago, in fact we partnered on four different properties together. It was a great experience and we had some successful exits and even got to enjoy some positive cash flow. When Andrew showed me why he was  invested into residential real estate, I began to truly understand the need for affordable housing around the US especially at times like right now. I think it’s imperative to have the right team in the right market in place when you’re looking to make the right deal. 


Hi, my name is Tony Rovere I have been associated with Four Peaks, actually it was just over three years. I made my first investment in September of 2017. I was most interested in the low income, affordable housing options. I also was looking because we are in the everything bubble. I was looking for something that did kinda well, or at least survived the last time we had a major problem in 2008. And from that research, you know, low income housing and the mobile home parks. It just seems like there was no supply growth to them so they actually held their value up very well, which is why I was looking for that plus the income generation. Well, I would say for those reasons that I just gave First of all, okay, simply because of the fact that you’re investing in an alternative asset which has done well the last time we had a major slowdown in the economy. 

Tony Rovere

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