Tony Rovere 

Hi, my name is Tony Rovere I have been associated with Four Peaks, actually it was just over three years. I made my first investment in September of 2017. I was most interested in the low income, affordable housing options. I also was looking because we are in the everything bubble. I was looking for something that did kinda well, or at least survived […]


HI my name is Eric, and I’m out of California. I invested with Andrew and his team years ago, in fact we partnered on four different properties together. It was a great experience and we had some successful exits and even got to enjoy some positive cash flow. When Andrew showed me why he was  invested into residential real estate, I began to truly understand the […]

Mark Kenney

Hello! I’m Mark Kenney, I live in Dallas, Texas.  Andrew was recommended by a good friend of mine, and whenever we’re making investment, one of the first top priority I have is, I want to invest with somebody I trust, and the older I get, I also want to invest with people I like. It used to not really be as important, but […]

Jeff Wimmer

I am Jeff Wimmer. I like the whole strategy and the particular asset class that Four Peaks was targeting. I was knowledgeable about the founders’ track record. And like having the right team in place, including themselves. And I just thought that as the world evolves, that this was a very up and coming asset class, and especially with the […]

Danny Kalenov

My name is Danny Kalenov. I’m the Chief Investment Officer of the Diversus Fund. We’re a globally focused Real Estate Investment Fund, and we have invested on two separate occasions with Four Peaks Partners. Just wanted to give a couple thoughts, I’ll keep this brief. Initially, we were skeptical I think for two main reasons one is the […]

Jeff Thornton

I am Jeff Thornton, and I’ve been investing with Four Peaks Capital Partners for about three years now, and we have a total of about a little over $2 million in investments with them. It’s like clockwork. First thing I look for is people. Right people, right team. When I first met  you guys what five years, six years, five […]

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